Welcome to Vail Chiropractic

We want to congratulate you on taking first step on your climb towards wellness. You are now beginning your assent to the top. Soon you be at peak performance, living a healthier and a more active lifestyle.


We Care! The patient comes first! Our decisions are made with our patients’ interests first. Vail Chiropractic is the best possible place for patient treatment.

Personalized Care. Dr. Vail has extensive training in multiple techniques in order to treat infants to the elderly. Treatment plans are designed specifically for each individual. Personalized treatment plans allow for a quick recovery.

Quality and affordable care. We get results. Our treatment is cost effective, non-invasive and progressive. All our services are at one location. We provide chiropractic, physical therapy, and rehabilitative services in one location, which enables patients to return to a functional state faster.

Promptness in service. We know your time is important. Same day appointments and none or short waiting times meet the needs of our patients.

Insurance coverage. We handle all that paperwork! We accept most forms of health insurance. If you are unsure of your insurance coverage, our office will be glad to verify your benefits. We are preferred providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Corvel, WEA, AHC, WPPN, PHCS, Medicare, and Medicaid. We also accept Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury.

Regardless of insurance coverage, our care is cost-effective and affordable. So our patients can afford the care they need.

Teamwork. Our clinic works with a wide range of health care practitioners. If a consultation from another professional is needed, we will coordinate the referral for you. Typical referrals include:

  • Neurology Consult
  • Orthopedic Consult
  • General Medical