Meet Dr. Vail


I fell in love with Winona, Mn. when I attended Winona State University in 1997.  Little did I know at the time, I’d meet my wife Erika here.  Following Graduation I moved to St. Louis, Mo. to attend Logan Chiropractic College.  In December of 2004 I graduated from Logan and moved back Winona and with the help of my wife Erika, opened Vail Chiropractic Clinic in February of 2005.   Life has thrown many adventures our way. Currently, my wife and I are raising our 6 wonderful children.  During the winter we can be found at the Bud King Ice Arena. Chances are we have at least 1 child out skating at any given time. Springtime brings on more hockey and fishing.  Our summers are consumed with climbing mountains in the west, fishing, camping, and hiking.  Fall is a majestic time in this part of the Mississippi river valley. During this time we are typically chasing whitetails and ducks.

My first Chiropractic experience was a result of Belle’s Palsy.  I was in college and one morning I woke up and half of my face didn’t work. Panic set in and I travelled back to the cities and saw my family doctor.  He prescribed me some steroids and said he wasn’t sure what the cause was.  Confused, I went and saw a friends father who was a chiropractor.  I’ll never forget my first adjustment.  It was AMAZING!  I ran to a mirror immediately and I could slightly smile for a few seconds and then it disappeared.  That was exciting.  I knew my adjustment helped me.  The next week back in Winona, I meet with an advisor and switched to a pre-chiropractic biology major. It’s been an unbelievable journey since then.   I treat everyone as I would myself or anyone in my family.

Come and be apart of our family here.  I think life’s about the relationships we develop with each other. I look forward to getting to know you and your family and in the meantime I’d like to be your family chiropractor and help maintain your families spinal health.